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This page is dedicated mainly to the 1925 film by First National Pictures, one of the most watchable silent films ever made. I hope you enjoy what I've managed to make of this page as of this time (with the help of a friend of mine, as I can't do HTML). First, a rare treat. When The Lost World was released in 1925, it ran approximately 100 minutes. But in the early thirties, it was cropped of certain 'unnecessary' scenes and reduced to only essential sequences, running only 63 minutes. And that's the way it remained for the next 65 years. But recently, old footage was found and the film was re-assembled as best as possible. This version runs about 90 minutes and is the most complete version of the film seen. Sadly, those responsible have (as far as I know) made no plans to release this version to video. But, the same person helping me with the HTML for this webpage managed to catch a german television station airing the entire film, and taped it for me. He has made a Real Movie copy of that tape for those interested in seeing this movie as it was originaly intended! It's available to download here! The downside, is that it's low quality, otherwise, the file would be much to big for those with relitively small hard drives. (As far as I know, this film is too old to be private domain. I'm not aware of any copyrights held to this movie. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know. As I'd hate to get into any legal trouble over copyright laws)

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I'm actually working on my own independent film version of the A. Conan Doyle story. Don't know exactly how far I'll get, but it doesn't hurt to try ^.^
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